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Ares-SC2 Documentation

Please Note: The documentation is an ongoing project. Please feel free to contribute or raise an issue for anything that is missing or broke.

Get Started Quickly with ares-sc2

New bot author

For authors eager to establish a local bot development environment right away, we recommend using the ares-sc2-bot-template and follow the instructions in that repo.

If you're new to python-sc2, we suggest familiarizing yourself with it first. Take a look at some examples and documentation on that repository. You can still write python-sc2 code as usual within the blank starter bot, making it a good option for learning the basics.

Existing python-sc2 users

Migrating your existing bot made with python-sc2 to ares-sc2, is a fairly straight forward process in most instances. Check out the migration tutorial.

In any case glancing through the tutorials and the api docs should give you an idea of what ares-sc2 can offer.


Ares-sc2 is a library that extends the capabilities of the python-sc2 framework. The fundamental principle driving the evolution of ares-sc2 is to empower users with full command over strategic decisions. Consequently, the library is designed to offer supportive functionalities for bot developers, avoiding preconceived choices out of the box. In fact when initiating a project with ares-sc2, it closely resembles starting with a blank python-sc2 bot! You can write standard python-sc2 logic and call upon ares functionality as required.

Bots made with ares-sc2

Feel free to add your own bot here


  • Highly customizable and extendable behavior system. Curate custom combat maneuvers and macro plans.
  • ManagerMediator to facilitate communication and retrieve information from managers in ares, see docs here
  • Manage production by declaring army compositions, less repetitive boilerplate code in your bot. See tutorial here
  • Memory units tracking by default. Track units that have recently entered fog of war.
  • Pre-calculated building formation for all maps and bases (Terran and Protoss only).
  • MapAnalyzer library available via self.mediator.get_map_data_object
  • Pathfinding with populated influence grids available as needed.
  • Opt in Build runner system, easily curate new builds via a config file.
  • Data management, set multiple builds via the build runner system and ares will cycle through them on defeat.
  • Cython alternatives available via the cython-extensions-sc2 library.
  • Unit Role management system, a must-have for managing different groups of units.
  • Debug unit spawning at camera location.

Getting started

New to bot development? We've got you covered! Begin with the ares-sc2-bot-template to set up your environment. The tutorial provides a blank bot to help you get started. If you're ready to explore features in ares-sc2, checking out the tutorials section would be a good next step.

Familiar to bot development and python-sc2? Converting your existing bot to ares-sc2 should be seamless in most instances, check out the migration guide.